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Association of Churches for Missions & Evangelism


ACME exists to unite and mobilize like-minded churches to fund pastors, church planters, missionaries, and other projects around the world.
Unite and Mobilize

Sharing Resources for Great Commission Work

ACME pools money from its member churches to provide grants. These grants will fund like-minded work such as:

  • Church plants and revitalizations
  • International missionaries
  • Other like-minded ministry
Ideally, ACME churches would give between 2–4% percent of their budget to support this work.

A Letter from the Board

We’ve known each other for years. Though most of us are part of other networks, we’ve often discussed what it would look like to partner together formally to promote the Great Commission. To be clear, we’ve worked together informally for quite some time. We’ve let one another know, for example, of great church planters and  missionaries to support. However, we’ve concluded we could do more if we gave part of our church budgets to get behind excellent workers and projects. 

Uniting Like-Minded Churches

ACME promotes biblical principles that link churches across geographic, ethnic, and denominational lines. ACME Churches adhere to the following Member Church Affirmations.

Expositional Preaching
Historic Baptistic Ecclesiology
Elder-Led Congregationalism
One, Unified Assembly
Reformed Soteriology
Meaningful Membership & Discipline
Biblically Oriented Public Worship
Church-Centered Missions & Evangelism

Gathering Churches into a Family of Fellowships

ACME brings churches together once a year for a conference that will showcase both past supported work and present opportunities.

Join us: May 2-4 in Albuquerque, NM for our First National Strategy Conference!

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