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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ACME a new denomination?

No, not at all. ACME is a fellowship of churches who share a number of theological and ecclesiological commitments and have organized themselves together for funding and fellowship. ACME churches come from a variety of denominations and other networks. ACME has no intention of building its own missions agencies, seminaries, or other entities. Rather simply, we are happy if ACME churches continue working gladly within their own denominations while also joining arms with other ACME churches. 

Will ACME have an international component?

No. ACME will not seek to expand its membership to congregations overseas. Given various cultural and language differences, it seems wiser for ACME to encourage churches overseas to lean into indigenous fellowships. 

However, one reason ACME exists is to mobilize churches to support international missionaries (workers from America going to the nations) and international works (local churches overseas, internship programs, translation projects, etc.). We are hoping ACME churches will be a financial blessing and a spiritual encouragement to our brothers and sisters overseas. 

Who will lead ACME?

While ACME is being slowly built, it will be led by a governing board of directors. This body will set up the policies and processes necessary to receive member churches, organize into multi-state regions, plan conferences, collect funds, and hire staff.

As ACME matures, we intend for regions to have their own duly-elected leadership and budget. Similarly, national leadership will be chosen by representatives from each region. Though we haven't yet finalized every detail, the goal is for leadership to be left ultimately in the hands of ACME churches themselves. 

Can a pastor be a part of ACME if his church can’t yet agree with the Membership Affirmations?

This is a great question. We would love there to be a way for a pastor who sympathizes with the heartbeat of ACME to be involved, even if his church isn’t ready to commit. However, since ACME is a fellowship of churches and not individuals, a pastor's church must formally be a part of ACME to be an official member. 

While we're still working out details, pastors whose churches are not members of ACME may be able to attend ACME's National Conferences as guests.

What is the financial commitment necessary to be part of ACME? How will those funds be used?

We are asking churches to give 2–4% of their budget. Some churches may want to give more and others may need to give less. That's fine. We also understand it may take time for churches to give at this level. In other words, 2–4% is expected eventually, but certainly not required when you join.

We expect gifts will go directly to ACME national and be disbursed in block grants for regional fellowships to steward. Each region will have the responsibility of budgeting those funds. We expect that the lion’s share of the funding will go toward grants that plant and revitalize churches, send missionaries, and support excellent projects. 

These funds will also support a small staff that will manage the day-to-day, plan the national strategy conference, and assist regional churches in planning their events.

Unite and Mobilize

Leading Churches to Share for Great Commission Work

ACME is a fellowship of like-minded churches that pools finances and provides grants to plant and revitalize churches, support international missionaries, and carry out other gospel ministry. ACME churches ideally give 2–4% of their budget to support this work.