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Gathering Churches Into a Family of Fellowships

National Strategy Conference
Join ACME Churches
First National Strategy Conference

ACME churches will meet annually in order to:

  • Build meaningful relationships among ACME member churches.
  • Showcase excellent planters, revitalizers, missionaries, and projects.
  • Worship and pray together and hear God’s Word preached.
  • Make strategic decisions together about leadership, budgets, and Great Commission initiatives.
Join us May 2–4, 2024 in Albuquerque, NM

ACME Unites Like-Minded Churches

It’s important for churches to know one another. ACME wants to help. Our goal is to organize regional (multi-state) fellowships that will gather every other year for a regional strategy conference. On the off years, all ACME churches will be invited to a national strategy conference. These conferences will highlight faithful missions and evangelism taking place among both ACME churches and other evangelical traditions.

These events will be a great way for ACME churches to know, encourage, and strengthen one another. Of course, attendance is not required, but we suspect you won't want to miss out. As ACME grows, the goal is for each region to be led by pastors in that region who will adopt a shared budget that will determine how their respective funds get allocated. 


ACME Regional

By Having a Regional Component

ACME churches will be able to build meaningful relationships with churches in their part of the country.


ACME National

By Having a National Component

ACME churches will be exposed to a wide variety of good work throughout the country and world.